Saturday June 17th AT 3:00PM

M69's are a Power Pop Rock trio from Salem, Oregon. They perform and record extraordinarily well-crafted and thoughtful songs, employing the traditional guitar-bass-drums and harmony vocals thing with delightful expertise. There is something terrifically familiar about their sound. Is this the Beatles in 1968? Is it early Hollies? Is it the Jam in 1980? Big Star in 1972? Naah. M69's appear to live quite squarely in the present day. Oh, they've got their influences, but they're also one of those bands that seem determined to present you with a gift you haven't received or experienced before. It may be new, or it may be vintage. But it's definitely unique, and depending on your musical taste, patently unforgettable.

Todd McPherson, Casey Nova, and Cowboy Wade Daughtry are only an infant, having formed in early 2014, but they've each got a lengthy and substantive history as hard-working veterans of the Oregon scene, and both national and international touring. McPherson has already been inducted to the Oregon Music Hall Of Fame, as singing bass player for 60's legends "The Kingsmen" since 1992.

M69's songs can range from a story about a girl ("Darcy Green") whose name is, somehow, "a pseudonym for defendant," to "I'm An American," not your "God bless the U.S.A."-type anthem to accompany a pickup truck commercial, but a pragmatic patriot's political indictment of American culture, at least the parts which, shall we say, could bear some self-examination.

Asked about their goals as a band, McPherson said that "we came to see and conquer." Fair enough, They've recorded a full CD of new original songs at Wavelength Studios in Salem, releasing seven so far in two editions, with the remainder soon to be released. About the only thing left to say is an emphatic "you must check out M69's."





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