This year CCTV Salem, The Moon 105.5 FM and Willamette Valley Music Company want to extend an helping hand to local area musicians & bands wishing to produce a video entry for NPR’s annual Tiny Desk Concert Contest. If you are not familiar with the Tiny Desk Concert, please visit the links below to some of our favorite episodes. 

Each participating artist/band will receive a professional produced video of 2 to 4 songs (approximately 12 -15 minutes of music) to enter into the contest and for their own promotional purposes. Videos will play on Comcast channel 22 and audio will air on The Moon 105.5 FM.


Tuesday December 11th 4:30 pm - 9pm (3 Openings)

Wednesday December 12th 4:30 pm - 9pm (3 Openings)

Thursday December 13th 4:30 pm - 9pm (3 Openings)

Saturday December 15th 11am-7pm (6 openings)


If you are not familiar with the Tiny Desk Concert, please visit the links to some of our favorite episodes. You will notice the set ups are stripped down in nature, including the drum kits, so please plan accordingly. The simpler your set up, the quicker we’ll get rolling and the more time you will have to perfect your performance.

To help with simplifying your set up, CCTV will provide a drum kit and Willamette Valley Music Company will provide an electric piano and bass amp. To keep things moving and to assure each band gets the maximum time in the studio, it is required that you use these items. Drummers can substitute their own cymbals, foot pedal & snare drum.

We only have 15 openings available for this project. In the event CCTV receives more than 15 applications, artists will be chosen to participate by a panel of local music types to be announced later. Judges’ selections will be final and made public by November 25, 2018.


Complete the application below by November 15th, 2018. Please note that your submission must include a sample of your music or it will not be considered. You must also include an input list so we can see the layout of your band.

Some of CCTV's favorite Tiny Desk Series entries:


Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile


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