The Salem Painter

Producer: Richard Wade

The Salem Painter started painting in October of 2014. He grew up watching television artists like Bob Ross and Bill Alexander. Every time they would say that anyone could do this technique, he felt drawn to it and compelled to try. After studying the technique and looking around online for advice he gave it a try....and failed. Everyone learns the most from their first painting and we often learn more from our failures. After practicing the technique, someone from the local public access station in Salem, OR approached him about doing a show. He was, at first, hesitant, but realized he wanted to teach people how to paint so they could experience the satisfaction of letting out their creativity in the same way. The support from the community has been amazing and The Salem Painter will continue making these painting series as long as people continue to learn from them. You can paint too! All you have to do is believe you can do it and put in the effort and practice. Come join The Salem Painter. Paint along and learn with him!

Channel 22
Sunday at 1:30pm
Tuesday at 5:00pm
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