Alan Bushong

Executive Director

(503) 588-2288 ex. 7561

In my work at CCTV I am most fortunate to combine my passion for education, justice and community-building with the fun of working in visual media in a single, very rewarding career.

I first became involved in television production as a high school activity that replaced study hall. After receiving a college degree in European History, I followed my heart and the advice of my college documentary film professor to pursue work in informational, non-commercial community TV. Fortunate to find work at Austin Community Television, for eleven years I taught classes, produced programs, managed equipment, did community outreach and became Executive Director. In 1989, the CCTV Board hired me to start the organization and to give this state capital community a presence on TV, to build community pride, to fill part of the void of being caught between the media markets of Portland and Eugene. CCTV’s work with our schools, Salem and Marion County, non-profit organizations, individuals and especially CCTV's volunteers, staff and board have made my job a dream come true.


Grant Bachman


(503) 588-2288 ex. 7567

I started at CCTV in the fall of 2018 as the new IT/Master Control Specialist, managing CCTV’s large Apple computer network, master control equipment, and other broadcast engineering tasks. I’m Illinois born and raised, and cut my teeth in the TV world as a Broadcast Engineer and A1 with Tupelo Raycom, with shows on the ESPN networks, CBS SportsNet, NBCSports, and others. I’m excited to bring these skills to Salem, and eventually want to dive into our mobile units and sports setups. I really like the non-profit nature of the station and seeing the variety of people who take advantage of our resources to make amazing programming. When I’m not in front of a computer I’m deep into home automation (nerd!), I love getting out and traveling, and I’ll be starting my first batch of home brew soon!

Soha Badiei

Staff Producer

(503) 588-2288 ex. 7563

Hi! I produce various programs here at CCTV.  City Council meetings, school board meetings, transit board meetings and budget meetings are among the productions I’m involved in on a consistent basis. Obviously, I’m pretty involved with local government meetings!  Another part of my job is covering local events and the faith community.  Its nice to see smiles in the community when I’ve helped produce a show that reflects what people hold dear.  I also get to work with some pretty terrific volunteers - people who give of their time to help cover local meetings and events.  I’m grateful for the variety of each day in my work, where a new sunrise brings something different.  Also, I get to be creative.  Creating titles and computer graphics is fun!  And being involved in a project that has taken creative energy and time is satisfying to finish and see the final program.  Thanks for reading!


Wendy Brokaw

Outreach Specialist

(503) 588-2288 ex. 7558

As developer and producer for CCTV’s Non-Profit Center,  I’ve enjoyed collaborating with our area non-profits since 2008, creating videos that help them with their short and long-term outreach needs which include multiple ways to share media across platforms and social networks.  From story development to videography and editing, It’s my job— and my passion— to find the best way, whether in-studio or on-location or both, to make each non-profit’s video a compelling and effective outreach tool, building and maintaining audience for their programs and services.


Phillip DeRobertis

Music & Audio Specialist

(503) 588-2288 ex. 7568

My daughter and I first started volunteering in 2014.  As a family we become community producers while we continued to volunteer in different capacities. In the spring of 2015, I started working as an instructor for CCTV, teaching our camera and editing classes. I now serve as CCTV’s Music & Audio Specialist, working on various music productions both in the studio and out in the community.


Kirimi Flitter

Programming & Promotion Coordinator

(503) 588-2288 ex. 7468

I was hired at CCTV in 2011 as Office Coordinator, and moved to Programming & Promotion in January of 2014. I now schedule our three channels, and work to promote both CCTV’s work and the work of our community producers through video, social media, and community outreach events. I thoroughly enjoy all aspects of my position because it allows me to think creatively and meet new people, and I get the opportunity to see first-hand the sense of pride, accomplishment and excitement a producer feels when they complete a program for our channels.


Ashley Gruber

Media Instructor

(503) 588-2288 ex. 7565

While trying to write up a little bit about myself and how I got into media I realized that I have been accidentally preparing myself for this since I was in high school. Over the years I have acquired a pretty unique set of skills. I have found myself doing web design, professional photography, making all kinds of videos, graphic design, large scale media productions, working at camps, coffee shops, churches, traveling the world teaching english, leading groups, playing drums, and getting signed up to volunteer at all kinds of places. 

As I have been getting to know folks around CCTV and learn more about our impact in the community I have gotten very excited about the ways I’ll be able to help people share about what they’re doing. There are some amazing things happening in Salem and I’m excited to meet new people and help them share their stories and create something amazing.


Ken Hook

Staff Producer

(503) 588-2288 ex. 7562

With 15 years primarily producing community events in our SD and now HD production truck, I coordinate and train talented volunteers to make interesting and relevant entertainment and information programs for the mid Willamette valley. Our truck production emphasis is high school and college sports and music. We upgrade as new technology becomes available, and strive to make over 120 events fun while keeping production values high.


Charles Lewis

Facilities Coordinator

(503) 588-2288 ex. 7569

I started as a volunteer in 1992, and was hired with CCTV in 2006 as Facilities Coordinator. A major part of my job is to research equipment and make recommendations for purchase, as well as to install and maintain new equipment. I also offer production and editing assistance to both the staff and the public, both here at CCTV and out in the community. One of my favorite aspects of my job is helping people. Often times someone comes through our doors with a vision or a part of an idea, but they aren’t sure how to execute it technically. I really enjoy providing a wide range of support in making their idea come to life through audio and video.


Megan McClure

Office & Volunteer Coordinator

(503) 588-2288 ex. 7452

I’ve been at CCTV since May of 2016 as the Office and Volunteer Coordinator. I’m typically the first one you see when you walk in the door, so a lot of my job is connecting people with the right resources and ensuring efficient communication here at CCTV. I get to work with our great volunteers and interns, identifying projects and productions that could use a helping hand. I also do a lot of the fill-in-the-gap stuff around the office, like running reports and making sure we’re stocked on coffee! My favorite part about working at CCTV is meeting and interacting with so many people who really care about what they do. We have such a diverse group of community producers and volunteers, and this place wouldn’t be what it is without their passion and hard work across a variety of disciplines. Thanks for reading!

Luis 2.jpg

Luis Mendoza

Community Facilitator

(503) 588-2288 ex. 7564

I started producing at CCTV kind of on accident (it was meant to be though!). One day I was driving by CCTV like I’ve done hundreds of times before. My daughter was crying, so I pulled over, and the big television screen in the window caught my attention. As I watched, I saw a screen with CCTV’s website, which I went to. I’ve always been involved in video and audio, so I was very interested. I took Orientation and CCTV’s other classes, and started volunteering as often as possible in August 2015. I learned as much as I could and the next thing I knew, I had my own program. Studio 77 has been on channel 22 for almost three years now, and I love it! I was hired at CCTV as Community Facilitator in September 2016. My main goal is to help people turn their great ideas into programs by teaching the abilities needed to develop and complete a show. I provide training and assistance from beginning to end. I love working with a diverse group of people, learning about different cultures, and seeing different points of view. I believe that’s what makes Salem great!


Shahrom Taghizadegan


(503) 588-2288 ex. 7517

Video production was my favorite class in high school. In 2004 my video production teacher connected me with a camera class at CCTV. Now, as a staff producer I record the Marion County Commissioners meetings and the Institute for Continued Learning lectures at Willamette University. I enjoy working for a non-profit TV station because we serve the community, not advertising dollars. And when I’m not producing videos, I’m engaged with skateboarding. ­