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Can my student attend all four days of camp?

Until Feb 23 - students may only register for one section of camp so we can allow more students to participate. If spots remain open after the Feb 22nd deadline we will open the registration up to campers who have indicated they would like to attend all four days.

What is the difference between the two sections of camp?

The first section, video production, will focus on using video cameras to record live actors. Students will act, direct, and record scenes from the short film we will be producing. They will follow the script & storyboard to put together the live sections of the video.

The second section, stop motion animation, will focus on techniques in stop motion animation. Students will continue working on the same short film. We will focus on learning skills and techniques to make the animations look more professional.

At the end of the camp - the video will be put together and shown at the Pizza & Premiere event.

What is the Pizza & Premiere?

On Saturday night all campers and parents are invited back for pizza and to watch the finished short film that the students created over the four days of camp. This is where we will debut the work students have done and they can see how it all fit together.

What short film are they working on?

That is kind of a secret - but - it will be super awesome. The film will go from live action with human actors - to a stop motion world - and back to being human. There will be action, special effects, fun audio, and all kinds of chaos.

Do the students get to make whatever they want?

All students will be working on creating the same short film. It will be mostly scripted & storyboarded, but will have sections for students to add their creativity and make decisions about the film. Students will get to help film and edit sections of the video - but they won’t see the film in entirety until the premiere.