CCTV Welcomes New Staff Producer Shahrom Taghizadegan!

Help us in welcoming Shahrom Taghizadegan to CCTV’s staff! Originally our top pick for the vacant Studio Coordinator position, Shahrom’s broad production skills allow us to assign him a CCTV staff producer position. Like most of CCTV’s staff, Shahrom’s first work at CCTV was as a volunteer, in his case on and off during the past decade. He previously worked at KVAL’s studio in Eugene, was Creative Service Producer for KPIC in Roseburg and most recently was a news photographer for KRNV in Reno. Shahrom has experience  in CCTV’s studios, on location in government meeting rooms and with mobile cameras, with Final Cut Pro X and on CCTV’s production truck.

Shahrom starts work at CCTV Tuesday August 2. Courses on how to pronounce his name are now available at a number of convenient times. Again, join us in welcoming Shahrom!


Community Facilitator job posting

CCTV is reposting the position held by Arlan Robinson until late May of this year, returning to the Community Facilitator model. When Arlan moved to Colorado, it looked like all of his work was in the studio, and we changed the job and description to Studio Coordinator. More than two months later, we want to restore a portion of the job duties as work outside the studio. Everyone who applied for the Studio Coordinator position is welcome to reapply for this position. To view the job description, click here.