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CCTV’s Faith & Fellowship Greetings event is right around the corner! This February, we will be recording informational PSAs for Salem-based churches. This a free opportunity to spread the word about your church in our community.

To make a 30 minute reservation for your organization’s 30-90 second greeting, call CCTV at 503-588-2288. We’ll help you craft a script for your message, which will be loaded into our teleprompter on the day of your greeting. To see examples of the holiday version of this event, visit our Holiday Greetings YouTube playlist.

Your greeting will be recorded in CCTV's studios, located at 575 Trade Street in downtown Salem.

Questions? Read through our FAQs below, or give us a call at 503-588-2288 or email us at!


Where will these greetings be shown?

These videos will play on Comcast channel 23 in the Salem area. We’ll also upload them to CCTV’s YouTube channel and send groups the link embed the video on their website, share on social media, etc.

Is there a cost for showing them?

There’s no cost associated with this event— CCTV is a community media access center, which means we exist to make media more accessible to the community. In most cases that means eliminating the barrier of production costs.

How often and when will they be shown?

CCTV uses videos like these for filler space on the channel. Since they’re so short, we don’t advertise specific air times on the channel— the videos play any number of times throughout the day, kind of like commercials, in between longer programs. If the info in your video is time sensitive (for example, advertises Easter Service times), we play the video until it is no longer relevant. If the video contains just general information, we play it for 12 months or until you ask us to stop, whichever comes first.

What is the general purpose behind the event?

The purpose of Faith & Fellowship Greetings is simply to provide a media outlet for spiritual/religious organizations in Salem. We have long-running events like this for other groups (non-profits, government agencies, local bands), but until now haven’t had an event specifically for faith-based groups. Ideally, we want to be a resource to help more churches in the area build awareness of their services.