Easy to learn and fully-featured, Final Cut Pro X is the ideal solution for our producers. This software is perfect for beginners because it allows for a "quick start" to get your first program finished quickly. As you progress as an editor, it offers incredibly powerful tools for efficiency and a professional look.


Class Materials

Final Cut Pro X - Book 1
This in-class handout complements the first eight videos, covering everything from day one of the class.

Final Cut Pro X - Book 2
Covers everything from day two of class PLUS several additional sections to complete on your own.

File Naming Requirements
Quick reference guide to how to name files before you send them to the channel drop box.

Video Training

Part 1: Mac Basics
Basic info on the Mac operating system

Part 2: FCPX Overview
An overview of the Final Cut Pro interface (UPDATED April 2014)

Part 3: New Library
Set up an event with source material and prepare a project for editing (UPDATED April 2014)

Part 4: Make A Selection
Watching and trimming clips in the event browser

Part 5: Add To Project
Starting to assemble your rough cut in the timeline

Part 6: Revise and Refine
Developing your rough cut using common tools and techniques

Part 7: Transitions
Adding dissolves, wipes, and more

Part 8: Titles
Creating and editing titles from FCPX's basic and animated templates

Part 9: Photos and Graphics
Adding still images, logos, and other graphics to your timeline

Part 10: Audio Basics
Reading audio and adjusting to acceptable levels

Part 11: Advanced Audio
Professional features every editor should know how to use

Part 12: CCTV's Music Library
Access our licensed library of music using Sonicfire

Submit a Master File to the channels, make an H.264 for YouTube and your archive, and take home a DVD

One-Sheet Guides (PDF format)

Importing Media in FCPX - Gives step-by-step instructions for correctly importing video recorded on an SDHC card.

Multicam: Shooting Setup - Yes, this is a handout covering the camera, but proper setup in the field is so critical to editing that we are including it here!

Multicam: Editing Setup - Multicam editing is an advanced skill, but the steps are not complex. This one-sheet guide covers the basic setup so you can start cutting.